“Boycott Child Support”?– Why?

I obviously don’t mean “break the law” — so what do I mean?

I named this blog in 2010 in a moment of earnest sarcasm, but started posting only now in 2013.

To learn a LOT more about the topic, see Family Court Matters understanding that, no way am I going to put the effort into this blog that’s in the other one — can’t afford to. There’s still a cumulative effect of what was started many, many years ago by my simple belief that Child Support Enforcement meant that.

But today (4-26-2013) I published a “My Comments Your Blogs” page after attempting to convince yet another mother who is running a blog complaining about the problems in the family courts to quit complaining, start doing some homework, and develop a skillset; look up the financing; to quit having an “I can’t — I’m helpless! – help us!” passive attitude towards the most important topic around: the balance of power between individuals, and the state. That discussion is on their “About” page, here (I’m “Let’s Get Honest”).

[Blog moderator has since removed my work, at least from her “About” page.  Fair enough, but suffice it to say, we had disagreements. I challenged her to make up her mind and use a little sort and select capacity, in respect for mothers surfing the internet desperate for help in their cases, does it make sense to promote fatherhood groups with the words “Violence Prevention” in their name somewhere, etc. If one really believes the author of “Top 5 HHS programs” had a handle on the situation, does it then make sense to post (as links on the blogrolls) other groups getting grants from them, or trying to get in on that piece of the action? Moreover, if any and all links are fair game (which was the typical answer), then why not a link to familycourtmatters.wordpress.com?  Surely in about 600 posts there might be something useful for a protective parent somewhere?] Remind me to see whether ALL my contributions to that blog have been removed.]

The thing is, in this field, if you’re short information, or a way to sort through it, lives are at risk and in most court cases, the clock is ticking fast.  Therefore confused but voluminous blogs which attract readership to (what?  Confused assemblage of references) can cost those lives.  Mostly, while I realize it takes all types, I was  most frustrated with the “passive” attitude towards “anything goes — except your stuff (as to putting up a link)” thinking that indicates if something sounds authoritative, we’ll post it — but if it requires us to determine whether or not it is authoritative and reject those that aren’t — forget it.

So, rather than go periodically nuts conversing with this situation, I would put out comments periodically so at least there was a footprint, for some — as have done elsewhere around the net.  Almost no one goes systematically through the system, describes it, names it, and labels the sectors thumbs-up or thumbs-down;  That is, after doing the homework to see which piece goes where.

Which brings us back to the title of this blog:  The child support system was known to be key, apparently by those who set it up; it can create endless conflict, and it gives an excuse for government to reach into almost ALL forms of business and commerce and demand compliance and reporting (i.e. “New Hires”).

It provides excuses to churn child support cases, and presents a face to the public that government is the good guy– because it’s reducing the cost of welfare.  However, a look at the CAFR angle shows that this is mostly fraud anyhow.  Governments, collective, that is, have been operating at major profits for a long time now, while selling “Deficit.”  Technospeak — if the budget alone is considered, yes, “Deficit.”  If the collective holdings, Hardly.  It’s a matter of adjusting legislation and practices to the reality (I’m talking “Burien” and if you want to understand it better, go to his site, or my main site referencing this in re: family court funding; there is a post at the top).

Many of the current child support contracting agencies were formerly defense contractors.  Go figure! We should still give them much, much more business such that when they are sued for breach of contract with individual states, they have enough wiggle room to pay the multi-million-dollar settlements?  What’s wrong with that picture? (Maximus (all over), Hewlett-Packard in South Carolina, etc.).  Again WHY do we need to keep all Americans (US citizens) on multiple forms of commercial tracking devices — while failing to collect anything “under the table” from noncustodial fathers (and, now more of the noncustodial parents being mothers), as I experienced in my case — they were just “oh so helpless” to serve a seek-work order on a man known to be in court HERE at such and such a date and time?

To make it clear — I was the custodial parent owed a minimal payment per month.  the system solution was, rather than get that collected, let it run up, help the Dad in court?, and compromise arrears after custody switch.  His main motive for actually paying have been removed, this father then dumped off his kids with the girlfriend and went back to harassing me periodically (it’s called stalking) — to this year — sometimes right during a work, or “replace that last round of lost-income” activity.

The system needs to be shut down.  We’d be much better off without it (and the place would be more honest).   It is not being USED for the purpose it was ADVERTISED for.


I’ve done similar type commentary on other sites blogging specific cases, such as in Carver County MN. [Just in case THAT forum goes down, uploaded here  See ‘LetsGetHonest’ Comments on 4:17:2013 MN blog “CarverCountyCorruptn (Theresa Katka CPS case)=33pp”]

I used to even time how long it took to find who’s doing what (on-line) in a jurisdiction (usually it’d been ignored) as a teaching point for some, and a learning point for me. This wasn’t philanthropy on my part! It’s like insisting on individual dogfights throughout the country while refusing to look at published blueprints about the strategy, supply lines, tactics and practices of the supposedly supposing sides — it makes no sense!

An extended version of my hanging out in one jurisdiction and reporting on it, with others (this one included also some significant contact off-line with people involved, court lookups, real estate deed lookups and more) occurred in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania on the Scranton Political Times.

[2014 update — a forum which has since gone down, which means most links in the next paragraph are defunct.  That’s OK (kinda); material was saved, other people are around still and in touch with each other…]

I walked in Seeing the System (which revolved around a certain GAL and Parent Coordinator connecting at AFCC and other conferences). They are only now getting around to targeting another (Brenda Kobal), but again, in a personal and character-assassination manner, rather than in a teaching systems manner. Several of us already knew that Kobal was probably more critically positioned than their targeted GAL, Danielle Ross. However on the “Lackawanna Family Court” topic, under username OutlawWild_DoubleBill_Kickback Courts [lists names of various court funds, although mistakenly for CA, not PA. May be parallels in PA), and another, “ReadMyLipsReadTheir990s” (hint, hint!) (under an image of two turkeys) I laid out what I could, by topic, while learning myself. For example, topic “GAL Schematics” (notice there are also links on the bottom of each message, the multi-colored bars). In fact, 8 links, including one to “CAFRs”). In another topic, you can see I was beginning to consider the ABA as a “very large corporation” and that topic, in general.

In August 2012, I also laid out “CAFRs” [Scranton at the time was going Bankrupt. I pulled out their comprehensive annual financial reports and talked about the] as a topic. After quitting one time, previously, rejoining somehow, I finally got bounced off the (volatile) forum. Good riddance, no problem! For those who may want to engage, be aware that the forum itself had a “custody battle” between the Pilcheskys, there was a restraining order, lawsuits (he won) and she went to jail on fiduciary fraud or something similar (I believe having been set up), and there are more usernames than actual users on the forum. probably a factor of 1:##?) I.e., the moderator would make usernames up and start fights with himself when things got slow. That said, he had the wherewithal to get receipts for the local parent coordinator, and post them. What I felt was that the macho ego was actually driving away information from the locality. On the other hand, they were extremely tolerant of my posting so much, and most of it still seems to be up there — F.Y.I. I hung out there for the duration of the learning curve. Forums highlight the dialogue. I am more interested in the systematic presentation of information so those who want to act on or find related information, can.

Being naturally into teaching others (no one likes to sit on this type of revolutionary knowledge alone!), with the goal of saving lives and reducing trauma, devastation and homelessness through the courts — I am already into one or two other major topics; which this doesn’t fit into. I didn’t want to interrupt that flow, and so moved over here. So in a sense, another blog has to serve another purpose. That one is already daunting to look at. This one says “CHILD SUPPORT” so it’s obviously going to be about money.

The only way I can get THIS one published today is by just speaking. I’m as deductive reasoner, voracious reader, and a lifelong musician who has experienced long-term trauma from ongoing violence and threats in marriage, and absolutely worse shocks and senses of betrayal after having to resort to legal means (DV restraining order with kickout) to avoid becoming a headline.

That headline may have been limited to me, him, me and or him, or the familicide. I have in prior years lived without major problems in high-homicide rate urban areas; but I have never experienced the degree and level of literal fear of sudden death by sociopath that I did — for years; in and out of marriage. Be assured, this is going to affect people who have come close to the situation more than those who have not, when there are similar events happening nationally and locally, which “but for the grace of God” could’ve been yourself, or your children.

After that, here came the family courts of America, and I began to live what thousands (male and female) are now in the second or third generation of: After 1970s, no-fault divorce, the implied “fault” became divorce itself. Formerly one had actual causes of action, named, specifically. Now, they are all, including the commission of a felony crime, lumped under “irreconciliable differences,” and from there on, handled by “conciliation courts,” all the while, someone has a child support order, often enough.

Multiple industries have developed along this “fault” line — and most of them, it turns out, are supported and funded up-front by the public through paying the civil servants in those industries, and through their own taxes. It also was an intentional and pre-meditated (sold as responsive to the situation and needs-based) to better facilitate certain professional fields, such as forensic psychiatry and the nearby-wannabes, forensic psychologists to explain away such things as murder [[warning: disturbing!#! case] or sexual assault of minors by their caretakers or relatives[Censorship of Freud’s 1895 concerns on this related]. And produce ongoing subject matter, ongoing, of traumatized, and poor people for further research and demonstration projects.

To reiterate the connection between the fields of psychoanalysis (and the related ones, psychiatry/psychology) and the family courts of today, who bring on these precise types of personnel for custody evaluations in cases where now, these assaults may have actually been reported to law enforcement, or other authorities — In 1984, Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson in The Atlantic, from his position of access to the Freud Archives, published “Freud and the Seduction Theory, a Challenge to the Foundations of Psychoanalysis made it clear that he saw a pattern of censorship by Anna Freud in the publication of his first set of her father’s letters, suppressing and diminishing that Freud actually believed his patients’ accounts, that in a presentation of 1896 called “The Etiology of Hysteria,” spoke about them — and was stonewalled by his colleagues. Rather than quote here, hover cursor over the link in this paragraph, or just read! about what happened AFTER he gave a paper that would’ve made him “one of those who disturbed the sleep of the world.” The address presented a revolutionary view of mental illness…” In the 1950s, they couldn’t talk about it. In the 1980s, either, apparently.

In 1996 Congress passed Welfare Reform [Under These Conditions// See Newt Gingrich, Republican Pressure, Clinton Administration, etc.) passed certain provisions which made it even harder for these violent actions upon either women or children (boy and girl), which now had criminal laws to protect them, as never before (to my knowledge), to be funneled off into specialty courts where the same type of personnel could continue to ply their wares — only this time with patients coming straight in from the courts, or social services. My other blog talks more about that.

Apparently society is willing to continue to let professionals continue talking about it, rather than to actually stop engaging in this same cruel and violent behavior upon the defenseless, and their mothers, and in then continuing to make up new names for those who protest. One difference however, is the scope and extent of profits to be made by studying it, labeling it, and denying it, ie., in the booming behavioral health profession. Rather than dissociating from the violent practice, it seems we have instead adoptive (as did even “the seduction theory” wording back then), more cognitively dissonant terminology for the exact same thing. And we have set up cognitively dissonant institutions to handle the fact that, children and adults WILL continue to report on these things.

Here’s one example from Georgia. (18 months total in jail, falsification of docket number, party’s name, arrest records, you name it). Here, from Connecticut involving a GAL (also mentioned on the “Assembled Arguments” page). Here’s one regarding what looks like a group called Maximus, ah, “maximizing” its profits through stalking a father through Georgia, Tennessee, and Arizona. Here’s CEO with deep pockets has ex-wife and two children on Food Stamps in Alabama. From “LegalSchnauzer” blog, Feb. 2013 (Alabama)

In this same one, it appears a prior wife attempted to warn the woman, it wasn’t her, but her sons, the guy was after.

The unlawful outcome of Rollins v. Rollins becomes even more alarming when you consider that Ted Rollins, who belongs to one of the nation’s wealthiest family, now is CEO of Campus Crest Communities. That company builds student housing near public universities around the country and has received more than $400 million in Wall Street backing. Ted Rollins’ chief market is young people and their parents–even though he has a documented history of abusing young people.

I’m not interested in trying to keep up with the anecdotes or news headlines. No Can Do!

Obviously there is a method to all this madness, and as the purpose does seem to be using, and abusing others while making sure not to get caught, or billed too much for it, I decided, rather than go mad by hanging out with the madness, to look [somewhat] methodically, and consistently, at the systems behind this.For example the Child Support System is a money-maker: when one party wants to get out of it, and the other one needs it to pay bills, there’s just too danged much opportunity for the carpetbaggers! These carpetbaggers often have foundation funding, sometimes Ph.D.s, and they work closely and often on obtaining government grants from the HHS/OCSE sector to demonstrate how to reduce poverty by diverting money into demonstrating and practicing social science theories on social security (welfare) recipients. So there are “Section 1115 Waivers” [slow-loading link…] on what these grants can be used for.

There’s no end of arguing pro and con. Abusers don’t routinely fess up, and people who aren telling the truth about abuse (this includes kids), especially women, don’t appreciate being called “hysterical” now any more than they did in Freud’s day. And in a just and logical world without proliferating courts where irreconciliable differences (I had one – with violence; others have one with extreme mental cruelty, or abandonment, or adultery, etc.) are brought into conciliation or “family” courts — both of which were institutions created in this country post-“The Etiology of Hysteria” and which have at their foundational premise, “bring on the psychologists!” In reality, it’s a mental health archipelago.

Sometimes I will take several “runs” at a subject matter to get the point across. You will see it here. I’m putting information out, and if a reader wants to talk about it, submit a comment! If you’re not a reader and thinker, and haven’t experienced some rough times (or trauma) in your life, there may not be a lot of commonality, but it’s worth a try.

This child support system has become so perverted to tweak the “gender wars” in the custody courts that it has become a genuine monster. In order to survive, navigate, and retain some coherent integrity (purpose) in life, after seeing (along with oh so many) a work life (income-producing, that is) literally destroyed through repeated economic assault-and-battery, a man or woman really has to decide, “where do I stand?” in regards it.

I am aware of nothing I personally did to deserve so much “hell” in life other than having worked most of the time to bring a piece of heaven into others through the creative arts, in which I happily worked (with degree/s) for many years before getting married at a good age (not too old, not too young) and mistakenly believed that being on the same page faith-wise was a good thing.

The school of hard knocks in that category caused me to re-tool my “professional” mindset to understand the weaknesses of our society to the extent, we don’t have a grasp of ALL its major systems. I have always known, from my family background that it’s primarily the military and government interests that sponsor a lot of technological breakthroughs, and that this also affects what’s studied in universities.

Now, I have a perspective also to add how the technological AND political revolutions post-internet have intersected to head towards a completely managed society. From my understanding of how one abuser, then a family, and the family courts if you will, “SOP’s” (i.e., the ugly Standard Operating Procedures), there is a uniformity of practice which comes from a uniformity of intent behind the driving forces. And the lens through which to look at this, at least the lens with (from what I can tell) one of the broadest, universal applications — is the lens of one thing:

HOW is income produced, collected, invested, and redistributed to harvest profits? And why are smart “educated” people acting like sheep in certain categories? I’m not the only person on this page. Expressed one way (and a post in draft elsewhere):


I often hear complaints from the well-to-do about how their hard-earned taxpayer money is drained from their paychecks so as to pay for the welfare system of government. Ironically, many of these middle and upper middle-class people are on a public pension system of some sort as government workers, from military to police and firefighters, judges to teachers, and mayors to laborers.

This irony stems from the fact that these public pensioners never comprehend that their pensions are in fact set up in the same way as the Federal welfare system. So let’s compare these two investment schemes…

1) Welfare is paid for by Federal and State taxes collected from all taxpayers and placed into an investment fund.
1) Public pensions are partially or wholly paid for by all taxpayers of the State, local, and Federal governments as “matching funds” and placed into an investment fund. Government employers are taxpayer funded, thus “matching funds” is taxpayer money.

2) The people (taxpayers) have no equity in the employer (taxpayer) contributions (taxation) to the Welfare system. That tax money is property in the trust of government.
2) The people (taxpayers) have no equity in the employer (taxpayer) contributions (taxation) to the Public pension system. That tax money is property in the trust of government.

3) Welfare pays benefits to people who qualify for it under certain criteria.
3) Pensions pay benefits to people who qualify for it under certain criteria.

4) Welfare is a trust run by government.
4) Pension funds are a trust run by government.

[… up to 10 comparison points…. with the last one, the real kickass point:]

10) The welfare system can be shut down and liquidated at any time by its owner, which is government, and pay no future benefits.
10) The pension system can be shut down and liquidated at any time by its owner, which is government, and pay no future benefits.

11) Benefits paid in both systems are a way to collect revenue as “contributions” for government that no longer belongs to the people, which is taken from the entire taxpayer base and invested in stocks, bonds, derivatives, foreign currencies, real estate, commercial paper, toxic debt contracts, mortgage backed securities, credit default swaps, and everything else that is ruining the financial structure of the world, its markets, and the livelihood of all the people.

Let’s review that again: ANY “Benefits paid in both systems are a way to collect revenue.” . . . government that no longer belongs to the people . . . . taken from the taxpayer base and invested in . . . . . everything else that is ruining the financial structure of the world. . . .and the livelihood of all the people.”

So is the Child Support System. Do we have even a concept of what this represents??? It’s time to get literate!

Another funny (?) one from the same guy: CAFR School: The Vatican is Broke?? starts and ends like this:

Vatican posts $19 million deficit, worst in years
The Associated Press

In the end, if you understand what has been written here, then you understand the entirety of the government investment scheme. And you understand that the people of America are wealthy beyond imagination, but that wealth is being hidden in plain sight while government creates welfare programs to sustain the poverty level while collecting even more taxes from the poor – never fixing the very problem of poverty because that is the only thing that will create wealthy men and corporations.

Welcome to America… a potential heaven on earth, kept in purgatory by government obfuscation and hoarding of its actual wealth.

[[This makes more sense when “CAFRs” are comprehended, which they should be! My summary (with links & credits), HERE]]

Consider: if I as a woman who has needed child support to survive, many times (and who was at one time either demanding the courts give me, a mother, protection so I could support our family — or enforce their gol-danged minimum level child support order which they, not I, jumpstarted) if I can say BOYCOTT CHILD SUPPORT, then I hope others will understand how serious it must be. It is a net to haul in fishes out of the sea and then play ball with the little fishies lives, and to do this through the family court system.

Do the fish know what’s going on before they get hauled in? No.
Do the fish sometimes go for bait? Yes.
Do you understand the bait? The promised bait is financial support for minor children who need that support. The HOOK is, by accepting this (and particularly any Title IV-D cases; I understand some may not be “Title IV-D” — which is a section of Social Security Act dealing with Child Support, as Title IV-A deals with Aid/Food stamps and Title IV-E deals with foster care, etc.).

Once anyone is hooked, that is, into the welfare system WITHOUT seeking a child support order even (but so doing assigns rights of collection to the County) or intentionally seeking a child support order — game’s on! And guess who doesn’t know the rules? (Most of the pieces on the playing board = the families involved. They have no idea who has a vested interest in this matter, and how high it goes… or how broad it spreads….).

To reiterate — I’m not advocating failure to pay, working under the radar, or not supporting one’s children, or any illegal or immoral activity. That said, this system is itself immoral.

To mothers leaving abuse — who probably need this more than anyone: If you take social services in some form, a child support order will be entered, and your abuser will be encouraged to start a custody fight for you. If he doesn’t do it voluntarily, there are ways to encourage him to, which I have seen. He may even get legal support (free) for it in a venue for which there is no “motherhood.gov” site. So, I”m saying, if there’s another way.

Then again, there’s an unbelievable push to get men to register even who they’ve been having sex with who MIGHT later give birth. Amazing? (yep, it is). Look up “Putative Father Registries.” Allegedly this is to reduce poverty, crime, and protect children. That’s bull-shit — it’s for marketing, and to get more social security numbers hooked up. See Boot Camp for New Dads and other programs. I also have heard unbelievable stories (lots of them) of men who with premeditation, conceived babies and then abused them to get into the system; the word is getting out, you can get away with abuse once that restraining order is filed. It will be removed soon enough, so not to worry for too long.

To the public: This system has to be stopped. It is not tracking its own monies; it has too many diversions, and –this really is the bottom line – it’s getting people killed. It’s shifting the economy from working people (and using money obtained from them UP FRONT– but not even really needed to provide the services) to the social services sector — which is to say civil servants (public employees) and the private sector to which services are contracted out.

Which avoids the anti-trust, anti-monopoly laws, and conceals the money trail or makes it a lot harder to follow. I have concluded that (especially as so few people are even willing to face this, and do something to track it systematically) that the better alternative was to somehow boycott it.

This system tries to direct work traffic to certain sectors and away from other sectors. It supports cheating. It incites child custody fights which wouldn’t otherwise happen. I don’t know how much worse it could possibly get than taking the worst sectors of society, including men in prison for violent crimes, and trying to USE small children to “domesticate” their wild instincts, at public expense. What about their mothers?

What about the right of their mothers to form other relationships and move on? There’s no question that men also do this — and there’s also little question that Congress itself isn’t particularly known for monogamy.

If it cannot be boycotted, it certainly must be discussed. Feel free! But read the links first! Because I hang out with, and am, a person who can show (not just tell) how there’s a deliberate and systematic effort by private nonprofit corporations of public civil servant professionals to continue expanding the welfare case loads beyond low-incvome people (already done) with the goal of simply putting everyone on a measured, computerized income-tracking base, and under scrutiny and control.

The same organizations, corporations, and civil servants doing this are hardly themselves under control, open to full scrutiny (in fact, there’s a high-ranking former HUD official who states that this is where a lot of the Black Ops runding comes from). Fair’s fair, in my opinion.

I haven’t yet figured out the best way to present this. If you have ideas (after taking a look at the material), please comment. The challenge is, it takes data entry, or system software support that isn’t free. The government first pours its money (in any new policy) into setting up their websites and “resource centers” — I’ve seen it. While the public’s access to information they need to keep government in check, is unwieldy, in separate and noncohesive databases, which are also highly inaccurate (sometimes deceitfully — on purpose), and dont’ enable US to run meaningful search, select, and choose the field reports on them.

Narrative mode isn’t going to work, obviously. I am just putting certain information on-line FYI.

We need to talk about it from the macro scale of FINANCES, and movement of wealth and assets from one sector of the population to another, not to mention money that goes missing in the middle.


5 thoughts on ““Boycott Child Support”?– Why?

  1. In revisting this post, I clicked on the second link, labeled “4/26/2013,” which as I recall prompted me to start the blog. That post (at Family Court in America) was dated Feb? 2011 (click to check). I noticed that my last comment submitted (months ago) was still in moderation. While this seems to be a fairly active blog, on that particular post, no one had replied until about Feb. 2012, then Oct. 2012 it got some more activity. You can notice the initial response is to emotionally validate the person going through the trouble.

    ANYHOW — the first comment here is the one still in moderation. Below it (if the copy and paste works right) is the dialogue, including the blog author admitting she hopes I’m wrong because the concept is scary (agreed), and that she’s not sure AFCC is a problem because she doesn’t understand the federal grants (most likely because won’t look at them). …and too busy following other groups which barely talk about them. There’s definitely a group dynamic involved in learning anything. it’s EASIER if others are also studying at the same time and you can discuss it with them.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    However on this topic, people may be at any stage in the devolution of their court cases, including sudden shock overtime, or build-up to incidents, or “aftermath desolute” and similar states. Parents, in short, are losing contact with their own children, in a process which seems to be acting crazy and at odds with the standards set forth in its own laws.

    SO, finding someone with their head screwed on straight and not busy comprehending (or talking about) their own cases — and still willing to disgest this material — can be tough.

    Anyhow, Next comment, I’ll paste the material referenced above.

  2. responses (in reverse chrono order) to post @
    which is the “About” page.

    Let’s Get Honest says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    April 25, 2013 at 12:27 PM
    (There is a longer response from 4/24 yesterday in moderation). The authorities have too much authorities and have long been consolidation it, and they do this because they have been allowed to, we are not an economic force to withstand this, and it is like taking candy from a baby anymore to take a child — or a home — from an individual, particularly a mother.

    I decided to look up this October 2012 posting from Adrienne (mother of Alexis Needs Help, below). I don’t see any follow up after several months (unless there’s some elsewhere on the post). This is all the more outrageous because the mother, it says, served 19 years in the military. Please review the two links, and see how the mother attempted to handle the situation — cite legal violations, recuse judge, complaint to Judicial Commission on the judge in question, and contacting the FBI. She has also posted letters obtained in response (but no links to any court orders or the docket.).

    This little girl was born about 10 years after welfare reform. IN 2006, another big dose of responsible fatherhood/healthy marriage grants went out. Moreover, in Massachusetts, as I recall, AFCC drops all pretenses and simply puts a link to itself right on the family court site!

    With educating each other consistently on some of these matters, by now, mothers could be prepared in what is going to happen, what won’t work, and how to FIND any money used inappropriately in their case. They should know that complaints on judicial commissions are sandbagging situations, and WE shouldn’t all have to keep running into the same brick wall.

    Adrienne should’ve known. We also should be knowing by now how to post links for others to check out what’s being said; as a reader in a hearsay situation deserves (upfront) some documentation, even if we’re empathetic. ..

    This case is clearly trying to get and did a little girl (of color) into the foster care system, there is clear mark of access/visitation policy and there is most likely fatherhood money active in the case. Supervised visitation has been turned on the mother AFTER she went through the hell of not knowing where her little girl was for 27 days (as have many mothers; I did too, for both daughters right after custody switch) and so forth:

    Any case is a wealth of understanding IF someone does the followup and understands the general schematics are economic, not psychological. HOW do judges network with each other.
    From: http://www.alexissneedshelp.blogspot.com/:

    Because I looked it up, I know that the above Oct. 2012 post is in a saga that started (sounds like) January 2012, and that this post was actually on-line back in MAY 2012. Why post something about a little girl who has been returned home (but the Mom jailed since), months later in October 2012?

    See Adrienne’s comment: Para. 3 between 1st and 2nd sentences, in the ALEXISNEEDSHELP blogpost, it shows this revealing comment (right after “halfway house” and right before mother requesting home studies”).

    “The county judges orders have been forcing the Mother to allow unsupervised visits or pay the father $1,000 per missed visit. To date, the Mother has paid the father in excess of 18,000 to ensure the child’s safety.”

    This sounds like Max Liberti case in Connecticut (Finding Ground Zero), they are bankrupting the mother, let alone terrorizing.

    We are talking, a little, six-year old girl. She was removed without cause January 6, 2012, and by Jan. 2017, someone (Mom, probably) had this post out. She was returned May, 2012, after apparent failure to interest the father in visiting his little girl in foster care. Then in July they ordered the MOTHER imprisoned (suspended) apparently something surrounding supervised visitation: (See link)
    “Alexiss’ whereabouts were not known to Alexiss’ family for the first 27 days of her incarceration.
    “DCF returned Alexiss to her family May 14, 2012, after many pleads to the courts to remove the care and custody transfer.  DCF explained it was unlawful for Alexiss to be in DCF care, as there are no care and custody issues with Alexiss or Alexiss’ family.  Alexiss is from a homogenous family with a mother, father, and older siblings.”

    ~ ~
    There’s basic information which should be obtained on any local jurisdiction, and on presiding judges — this could be shared upfront for parents going INTO this information so they are not learning while in shock. It’s a battle; where’s the boot camp training beforehand? Telling people it’s a battle, or letting them understand what the strategy is, where are the supply lines, and in general what’s the agenda?

    Justice Paula Carey (here) being sworn in 2007, and again in 2012. Her colleagues think she’s great…FathersandFamilies (Ned Holstein) think she’s not all that bad either.

    Justice Carey’s public judicial profile does NOT list AFCC among her affiliations, that I can see.

    However, I often just will search the justice’s name and “AFCC” and it will pull up their membership, presentations, etc. In a sense, that’s not really honest, as AFCC is also a professional association, and it has a viewpoint which heavily promotes parental alienation. In the off-the-radar associations, these judges, attorneys, etc. mingle to plan how to find more customers (cases) that could be labeled estrangement, high-conflict, or alienating… Here’s a Winter 2012 example for Massachusetts branch of AFCC: http://www.maafcc.org/uploads/MA_AFCC_Winter_2012_Newsletter.pdf See page 2, roundtable on how to locate more alienation cases that aren’t DV (etc.). This is where they are schmoozing, among other things. If it were on the public listing of the same justice — more people might explore the organization. But it isn’t.

    http://www.afccnet.org/Portals/0/PublicDocuments/NewsArchives/2007%20Fall%20AFCC%20News.pdf (Page 9 of this newsletter features her appointment as presiding Justice). These newsletters tell a lot. On the same page, it shows AFCC member “Susan B. Carbon” being elected to the prestigious NCJFCJ, a National Family & Juvenile Court Judges association. From there, (speaking of domestic violence issues); she was before then a New Hampshire family court judge. SHe is now (or, last I heard) presiding over the OVAW which has an influence in grants assigned for Violence Against Women issues.

    Public profile doesn’t mention this Why not?

    Susan B. Carbon oversees (or oversaw) a $400 million budget, having been nominated in 2009 by President Obama. Extensive FORBES interview, probably doesn’t mention the AFCC connection either.

    While I’m on it, FathersandFamillies is now “National Parents Organization” (namechange) which while based in Boston, was found associating with a Southern California PAS-promoting group, recently. They claim to be gender-neutral. See for yourself:
    http://www.nationalparentsorganization.org/index.php/join-us-take-action/16-latest-news/20384-national-parents-organization. You can see that it’s a fairly new name-change (the site’s not even complete yet) and to look at the Board, there’s Glenn Sacks, and a whole lot of Harvard, MIT, etc. individuals involved. Ned Holstein is “Harvard, MIT, Mt. Sinai school of medicine.

    The Governor of Mass now has a “Working Group on Child Centered Family Laws”
    http://www.princelobel.com/news-556.html. This is an international concept; Canada is doing it too.

    which (see the National Parents site, which lists them or look it up) has THREE (3) fathers’ groups representatives (AND Chief Justice Carey, and etc. — but NO ONE representing the voices of distressed mothers being forced onto supervised visitation, the male — not the female — side of protesting the courts, is represented. There is LGBQT representation (Kauffman). Moral of the story — pay attention to Task Forces!

    Justice Carey is the same justice who signed for a six-year-old girl to go get a “tour of duty” in foster care…. (I looked that up — it’s on-line), and according to this mother, violating all kinds of laws and procedures in the process.

    Robin Deutsch (AFCC Board, well-known) is also on there, from which I learn about the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology (MSPP) who announced it.

    This is relevant because when the conciliation (and family) courts were first formed, the whole idea was to get the behavioral /mental health / psychologists into the mix; and it’s these personnel often causing much of the problems. That 2nd link re: Robin Deutsch (last para) talks about her AFCC connection and how she helped write laws for certain things, like Parenting Coordination. That is a “HOW” — it shows HOW these practices were passed in a state.

    [[So, here’s a woman presiding justice (Family & Probate), longstanding, dealing with the judge on these boards and with special interest groups (specifically fathers’ rights) in her close association]]

    Taking a break from submitting this comment. I’m showing that we ALL should be aware of how the courts work — ALL parents!! and ALL taxpayers.

    Family Court in America says:
    March 14, 2013 at 8:58 AM
    Dear Let’s Get Honest,

    I haven’t “accepted” that the AFCC is at the root of all the problems in our family courts because I don’t understand the research that’s been done on the subject. Tracking federal funds is complicated and I don’t have the emotional strength to directly go up against those in positions of authority who might be at the root of these problems.

    That which I can handle right now is whatever I have seen and heard with my own eyes and my own ears.

    I’ve seen and heard the anguish in my family. I’ve seen and heard certain judges in our state use their positions as judges to excuse and hide the crimes committed in my child’s case. I’ve seen and heard other families experiencing the same anguish we felt in our family. I’ve seen the same corruption in family courts all over the country.

    I don’t understand why this has gone on for the last thirty years without someone in authority following up on the research you and others have already found and documented.

    I don’t want to think you’re right about the “AFCC” because that thought is too frightening. I’m not an FBI agent. I am now a poor single mother who is not in the position to go up against the most corrupt individuals in our state.

    I understand you’d like to see this website contain more information with a different approach. I’m doing the best I can and will continue to do the best I can to help my child, myself and every other mother and child living this nightmare.

    Let’s Get Honest says:
    March 12, 2013 at 3:25 PM
    Julia, I’m glad to see you have accepted (finally — there are actually two posts tagged “AFCC — one today, and one in 2011, which doesn’t explain it as a nonprofit) the information I’ve been delivering and blogging since 2009, and others much earlier (early 1990s, and in the case of Cindy Ross of Northern California, at least as early as 2002, 2003). I also appreciate you clearing (and not censoring that I can tell of, this time) that last comment.

    The key to getting good answers is asking good questions:

    So I’m going to ask again — will you please add my blog (I actually have three blogs dedicated to this, by familycourtmatters is the largest, and has the best links) to the blogroll? Or, at least tell me why it’s not up yet? I have been blogging four years now (over 520 posts, over 110,000 viewers, I have accurate links to the AFCC and word-studies on the terminologies they use, and I am a person who went through many of the links to the right, none of which did anything to stop an overnight custody switch years ago. My blog came out of the awareness that the information I should’ve had in time, was being blacklisted, consistently, by groups on the federal dole.


    Also please post — and this isn’t me, or my work, but it’s about the shortest run-down of which end is up I can find:

    (May, 2012).

    Another short summary of how the welfare funds tie into the trouble in the courts, see 4 in a row “Back Atya” [that’s me] comments on the same blog. Also links in the paragraph (on the article) mention the role of HHS money:

    “For instance, over 90% of welfare recipients are single mothers, yet Congress has approved bills excluding women from participation in nearly $5 billion in “welfare to work” funding for “Responsible Fatherhood” job training programs meant for childless fathers.

    *****Riddled with fraud and waste, Responsible Fatherhood programs are non-needs based programs that are redundantly administered through the US Departments of Health and Human Services, Education, and Labor. Instead of diverting TANF funding to men’s rights extremists of all socioeconomic backgrounds, perhaps a gender neutral approach that values children would be more effective in reducing poverty through workforce participation opportunities.”*****

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~The person who sent the marked-up AFCC incorporation papers (I got them too) is a crackerjack investigator. As am I, and that’s who I hang out with, to develop those skills and be a resource to others. I have had to detach from people who don’t or won’t “get it” as an energy drain, and only continue to comment here, because it’s a very active blog.

    The key to understanding what happens REQUIRES people to comprehend that PUBLIC OFFICIALS (including judges, and people in public employment around children and families) routinely form PRIVATE MEMBERSHIP-BASED NONPROFITS to lobby for centralized control of the court. By being a nonprofit, they can draw in private funding, lots of it.

    By welfare reform (TANF) public funds can be diverted to private profits through the family court model, which is pre-fabricated (and intended) to divert business to (friends, cronies, etc.). When judges are involved and backed up by the power to enforce, reallocated children around the country, and extort (demand payments or severe punishments follow) — this is like having the Mafia for government. It’s RICO. Or would be, if this weren’t the government itself engaged.

    In this context, asking when are “the authorities” going to fix the situation tells me you don’t understand who the authorities are. Without better handles (more specific words) to express concepts, one might as well be illiterate in these matters.

    The key to getting good answers is asking good questions:
    To answer your three above (which weren’t), at least off-hand:

    Q Why do state and federal authorities…..
    A For profit and because we let them.

    Q How much longer will the authorities (??) allow those individuals (who??) to take billions of federal dollars in federal funds (If I asked you to show me some, could you?) to destroy children, families, extended families (Can you point anyone to how those dollars are destroying families, or to someone else who could explain it?)?
    A Wow. Why do you think it’s “the authorities” allowing “the state and federal authorities” to take billions of dollars??? Which “those individuals” do you mean? Do you mean “those individuals in positions of power and influence in government”? If so, then those ARE the authorities. So I think it’s the attitude of someone else is supposed to address the problem — that is the problem.

    Q (see question).
    A Have you figured out how the courts are rigged, and by whom? If not, then you’re part of the problem. Have you figured out who has, and who has not, bothered to figure out how the courts are rigged (assuming they are), and why is the word “rigged” in quotes? If the concern is about rigged courts, then why not feature the ship’s rigging — and not the shipwrecks?

    I’ve added some links to my profile, probably if someone clicks on the gravatar they’ll get at least a few good tools and resources in this field, and some in the larger picture.

    Have a nice day. Remember, a confused mind is a vulnerable one. Making decisions about who’s telling the truth really helps clear it out some. In my opinion, child abuse on the scale we are engaged in it, has to do with money-laundering, and the profit motive. So, how do they do it?

    AFCC is unbelievably a key organization. It’s been around since at least 1963. Setting up conciliation courts is another part. That’s been pushed since earlier. Women should be learning these basics within a MONTH of having their case come into the courts, or earlier. How are they going to learn if more people won’t tell it?

    Also, people have to engage in real, back-and-forth- conversations with each other (blogs aren’t the best place, except to perhaps get connected)


    Responding to that, I explain how an AFCC courthouse is set up and show where the judge and at least two of the individuals in covering up the rape of a little boy in Connecticut, are going to be conferencing together — at an AFCC conference — in just a few months here, in Los Angeles.

    I’m about to publish a “Cults in the Courthouse” post, and I have the proof, too. AFCC is a cult. They have common characteristics with some of the largest, and most dangerous ones around, and some association with at least one of them. I figured it out in 2010, and now it’s so obvious — anyone should be able to connect “faith-based initiatives” with this one and with REsponsible Fatherhood funding — in a flash. They are connected.

    Thanks in advance if this clears moderation. Have a nice day.

    Family Court in America says:
    March 9, 2013 at 5:02 AM
    Dear Let’s Get Honest,

    You’ve clearly done your homework. I wish someone would answer these questions:

    Why have state and federal authorities allowed those crimes to continue?

    How much longer will the authorities allow those individuals to take billions of dollars in federal funds to destroy children, families and extended families?

    How can protective parents and extended families all over the country recover the billions of dollars they paid to the rigged “family court” system?


    Let’s Get Honest says:
    March 7, 2013 at 12:07 PM
    I spent a long time (about a year) researching and blogging in Pennsylvania around the Lackawanna Family Court (FBI raid, etc.). I found out about it when I saw a Kentucky Court referencing a Pennsylvania Nonprofit (KidsFirst)that was marketing AFCC materials, not to mention about a dozen other Divorce Education projects, one of which had ties to Georgia (Susan Boyan) and Pennsylvnia (Ann Marie Termini), who, among other things, run Parent Coordination Trainings. I have yet to find what state they have ever properly filed as an organization to pay taxes on those training. Ms. Termini also works out of the Lackawanna County Courthouse, and was found to be working there from about 1997?? forward. No one seemed particularly bothered by the fact that she had no contract, and as of a recent (2011ff) AOPC report, which I got, the end of the report was lifted almost directly from a Termini/Boyan book. However, the GAL they were after was a different person, and I have to call her “small fry” in the larger scheme of things, Danielle Ross.

    Ms. Ross was member of a nonprofit association designed to put more GALs in people’s lives. There is a Bill Windsor Lawless America video (on nearby page here) complaining about too many GALs and being forced to interact with them too much while divorcing. The organization which attempts to put a GAL in every “high-conflict” custody situation is called the “National Association of Counsel for Children.” and is out of a Children’s Hospital in Colorado. It has membership all over, and received (alongside the ABA) about $600,000 of federal HHS grants (anyone can look it up at TAGGS.hhs.gov) under “Adoption INcentives” to develop Child Welfare (re: dependency, mostly, but not only) Law as a certifiable speciality. That’s one reason WHY there are so many GALs around.

    I’m responding here because you said that the Juvenile Law Center (in PA) initiated the investigation of Kids for Cash. If you fact-checked, or followed up (even casually) on some of the organizations being referenced and linked to, I think you’d understand that this Juvenile Law Center has its own agenda, and it wasn’t them but actually parents who brought it to them (i.e., field input). While I”m thankful they did — why can’t the mothers (specifically) who are so upset about “Cash for Kids” give themself even a one or two-hour, free, self-education on where the cash comes from, who forwards it to someone else, and start becoming familiar with the primary organizations that are flourishing in these “Corrupt Courts”?

    I did. Anyone can who chooses to– the information is on the internet (and more can be requested by FOIA from any local jurisdiction) and for four years now, I have been reporting on it.

    When an organization has a board of directors, find out who they are — READ their bio blurbs (usually on the org.’s site), and what other organizations they have been heading up, or working for; this tells you in general what they are doing.

    Gradually you build an understanding of how things work, in general, and then individuals “exposing corrupt courts” will become themselves a helpful resource to others in the same situation.

    I notice my bloglink is not on there, but people who have re-blogged some of my posts are.
    If I were a mother DESPERATE FOR HELP in a custody challenge, and ran across this site, I do not see a single link (other than NAFCJ at the very, very bottom) which would tell anyone what is going on financially (incentives, operations, WHY are judges “getting it wrong”) in any detail, and what they might do about it.

    Yet you have websites from very many organizations who are part of the problem, several of them in California (my state).

    The word “cottage industry” should be dropped. People who are claiming $XX billion per year should show their stuff — where’d you get that info from?

    Here’s the link to the Juvenile Law Center (the other has expired by now);
    http://jlc.org/about-us It was founded in 1975 by four law students (Temple Univ.)

    “Juvenile Law Center plays a leadership role nationally and in Pennsylvania in shaping and using the law on behalf of children in the child welfare and justice systems to promote fairness, prevent harm, secure access to appropriate services, and ensure a smooth transition from adolescence to adulthood. ”
    (I’m going to follow up).

    Adrienne McGlone says:
    October 15, 2012 at 8:43 PM

    Massachusetts Mother appeals to Governor Deval Patrick, Massachusetts Health and Human Services Secretary Bigby, and Massachusetts Chief Justice of Probate and Family Court, Chief Carey; for the return of her six year old daughter, who was unlawfully removed from the mother and placed in the Department of Children and Families custody by a county Probate and Family court judge. The removal of Alexiss from her mother was in violation of Massachusetts General Law 119 which gives judges authority to remove a child from a home in the event of neglect and abuse. However, the county judge used the law to remove Alexiss because the mother refused to follow an order that placed Alexiss in danger.

    The county judge, in placing Alexiss in DCF custody for reasons other than those stated by law has misappropriated state funds and services. The mother, in the past, filed a complaint with the Massachusetts Commission on Judicial Conduct, and the previous county judge in this case was disqualified from the case for child endangerment. Since this time, current county judges in this case have continued to write unlawful orders that continue to deny the best interest of Alexiss by forcing the mother to allow unsupervised visit with the biological father, who has a criminal record of sexual assault, rape, and kidnapping (Superior Court District Attorney Katherine Cappelli); recorded allegations of child molestation involving his stepdaughter; imprisonment for domestic violence; years of heroin use; discharge from the military for alcohol/drug rehabilitation failure; and who has mental health issues.

    In the onset of this case, the disqualified county judge had ordered the mother to allow the child unsupervised overnight weekend visits with the father who was participating in a drug rehabilitation program and residing in a men’s half-way house. The county judges denied the mother’s request for a home-study; alcohol/drug evaluation; mental health assessment to ensure unsupervised visits were appropriate; and further denied Alexiss a Guardian Ad Litem. The biological father who is from Baltimore Maryland was in Massachusetts to participate in a drug rehabilitation program when he was charged in Superior court with sexual assault, rape, and kidnapping of a Kingston, MA woman.

    Currently, Alexiss has been in a foster-home for over 100 days, and has only been allowed to see the mother and family one hour a week, with the weekly hour visit commencing three weeks ago. The Mother states during the weekly one hour visits, the Alexiss’s responses are depressed for the first 15-30 minutes; and the visits end in tear jerking heartbreak, with Alexiss and mother in tears.

    Further, the county judges continue to hold Alexiss hostage in order to buy time to wiggle their way out of violations of the Mother’s rights under the Servicemen’s Civil Relief Act, as the Mother has served in the US military for 19 years.

    S.L.J. says:
    October 13, 2012 at 12:17 PM
    I wish more come be done to expose the injustice in the family court systems along with the roles of forensic psychologists, GAL, and even attorneys. False allegations run rampant and more women are now losing their children to the father because of parental alienation!

    Family Court in America says:
    February 26, 2012 at 7:37 AM
    You are very welcome Valerie. I’m glad to know that you and your son survived the nightmare.
    Now it’s time to help others and live happily ever after.

    Valerie says:
    February 25, 2012 at 9:39 PM
    Thank you for this site Julia. I nearly lost custody of my son five years ago. I will never forget the nightmare of that time. I hope to be able to be able to help other parents and children who are abused by the court system.

    Again, these are comments from an “About” page on a blog.


    I have been fairly active on the blog in comments, sometimes. It’s been frustrating.

  3. Thank you for your blogs, the research, and breaking it down “barney-style” for us mothers who desperately search the internet searching for help in our cases, etc. I’ve been following your research almost two years now, my latest court-case volley brought on by my ex-husband in June 2010, false sex abuse allegations against a youth minister at a church which had nothing to do with me and no bearing on my fitness as a parent anyway … resulted in appointment of a corrupt, inept, heartless, and likely mentally-ill gal. Battling the gal,(her false testimony and the fact that this guardian ad litem did no initial investigation nor perform her duties in any capacity in the two years the court allowed her to remain gal over my two minor children), while battling the gal’s collusion with the court, the opposing attorney, an overall corrupt court-system, while at the same time frantically doing all that I could to get any legal help and stay out of jail for the issue of the gal’s unpaid, unjust, unfair, inflated gal fees … all these matters took precedence over the best interest of the children, and certainly took all focus away from my abusive, domineering ex-husband who used his influence and authority to alienate my children from me. Same song, different dance?
    Had it not been for your logical, well-laid out explanations, directing me to help myself find the money trail, with examples and cases and history, I would have never gotten my head out of the trauma even long enough to begin to understand that there really are others living similarly … OUTH THERE, somewhere.
    Thank you again for all that you do. It is likely you do not get to hear much in this capacity as we are all tap-dancing our way out of our own quicksand pits that have been well-planned, and perfectly placed before us. I have outlived the accusations … all but one… which is poverty and for that I have no defense. Nearly 10 years in the system and over $40,000 in court and legal fees, I raise my hands and accept my one true, biggest flaw. It was not self-induced nor was it in my plans but it is the hand that I have been dealt.
    Cudos to you for your tireless efforts. I have no doubt your work, research, as well as many of our sister-(and, shocked and mistreated brother) stories will reach the light of day publicly and hopefully, one day very soon. In the meantime, we have a generation of abused, abandoned, lost children out there who have suffered irreparably and so unnecessarily. Let us pray they will find a way to heal in their adult years as future parents, leaders.

    Sincerely Yours,
    Bobbie (AMississippiMom)

    • Your reply means a lot to me (thanks!), I told a friend about it. FYI, I’m not posting on this one right now — however, there’s plenty on this issue at the main blog (familycourtmatters.wordpress.com) and you might like the links on there.

      I’ve noticed you write well (coherent thoughts, etc.) which is a good trick for what some of us are going through (!!) as parents. I’d like to look at some more of your posts, but I think we should talk. Let me know at the other blog if so.

      I’m working very hard at a few more themes over there (the issues just keep getting larger and larger — and clearer and clearer), and am also under some serious personal pressure these past three months (after many years of nothing but that). After both my (daughters) “aged out” (both are now adults), this family dynamic that started over a dozen years ago has not faded one iota. This petition (feel free to sign) describes it:

      http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/167/243/583/. I am not the person in the title (that’s my sister), but author of this petition.

      I speak with people in a few other states (not a lot, but strategically involved parents who can deal with this material), and am in survival mode here. If you have indeed been following my posts for two years, are you able to click on the Donate Button there (or on the updates to the petition page), I am being held in UNTENABLE situations here, unable to work properly and am now in my early 60s, after all this.. Safety is still an issue, and the petition is to access funds to relocate (and from there, rebuild).

      Three things would seriously help:

      ~Pray (if that’s in your repertoire)
      ~Click on Donate Button (if that’s available, even $10.00), this is essentially a siege situation in several ways.
      ~If the petition sounds reasonable to you, sign (anonymous signature is possible) and tell others.

      I haven’t been promoting it to so much recently because after going public, dynamics of things changed rapidly.

      I have NO immediate family members (any — sibling, parent, or contact with any of my offspring on any regular basis, or immediate prospect of it), NO sustainable work contacts, and while attempting to make significant plans for changes, and holding the line (still) on family abuse (psychological, economic, and involving stalking and former batterer, the other parent), am in day to day, and half-day-at-a-time state. See that last signature on the petition.

      Thanks. I write this blog for the information to be out there, for the record (that includes for my kids when they are older or ready to hear it), and particularly for people such as yourself who, given a chance to get out of trauma mode in this matter, will do so.

      There’s plenty in there, just don’t expect a lot of regular posts….
      Consider contact off the blog (I’m a safe person). Thanks!

      • Thank you for taking time to reply, comment. I am so very new to blogging, and tweeting, that I am still learning the techniques … it is frustrating, I’ve so much I wish to learn, and to share.
        I can almost copy/paste verbatim your experience to sum up my own (and that’s not something I run across in most forums …) – “I have NO immediate family members (any — sibling, parent, or contact with any of my offspring on any regular basis, or immediate prospect of it), NO sustainable work contacts, and while attempting to make significant plans for changes, and holding the line (still) on family abuse (psychological, economic, and involving stalking and former batterer, the other parent), am in day to day, and half-day-at-a-time state.” –
        There may even be others out there is this extreme situation. I’m 2 children down, 1 to go (who’s nearly there as far as being completely alienated), and I’m just now out of a near decade long family court battle. After losing children, time, life entire life savings, home, career, I found little inspiration to hope for much better in any near future.
        Your fortitude, resilience, despite the odds, gives me much needed breather, hope, and I find myself rooting for you as you push toward what I hope to be the end-game in this horrible war. I am praying for you, I will be honored to sign your petition, and, when able, to support your cause financially. I wish I could do so much more.
        Thank you, again, for your work, your sacrifices, and all that you have done for this cause. I’ve no doubt it will continue to be useful, vital, for others who suffer similarly, as well as for the change, reform, oversight, and accountability that WILL most certainly come one day. Here’s to it coming in our lifetimes 🙂
        Bobbie, A Mother Still In Mississippi

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